Type of VISA

A - Tourist Visa (Single/Multiple Entry)

1.1 The applicants have to come to submit documents by personally


  • One (1) typed application form
  • Two (2) identical 1.5" x 2" photographs with white background
  • Original Passport
  • One (1) photocopy of passport - validity minimum 6 months
  • One (1) photocopy of U.A.E. Residence visa - validity minimum 6 months
  • No objection letter from sponsor
    - No objection letter must state employee name,years of service,occupation, salary drawn, and no objection to travel (Sponsor letters must match the sponsor name on the U.A.E. Residence visa.)
    - For owner /partner/investor of a company, original letter from the company with letter head and stamp is also required. And Photocopy of commercial license
    - For accompanying family members on father/mother/spouse/children sponsorship, letter from sponsor and passport copy, clear copies of marriage certificate and birth certificate in English are required. And Please provide a passport or ID copy if on Local Sponsor, Parent / Spouse or Private Sponsorship
    - For children below 15 yrs must provide a No Objection to travel letter from both accompanying parents father and mother with passport copies of both parents to be attached even if travelling together. For each family member even children/infants having separate passports need an online visa queue appointment and their respective documents but either Father or Mother can submit on behalf of the children. All adults above the age of 15 years must be present at the time of application.
    Important: *Handwritten letters will not be accepted, Original letters required, no photocopies and no scan letters
    **Photocopies through phone/electronic devices taken photos will not be accepted.
    •  Original Stamped Bank Statement Balance of the account not less than 25,000 AED for previous consecutive 6 months for individual traveller and 40,000 AED for family travellers (For Multiple Entry only)
    •  Photocopy of confirmed roundtrip ticket
    - The ticket from the airline must show an outbound trip from Dubai
    - Ticket Airline PNR number must be accessible on the airline system
    - E-mail bookings with no ticket number or PNR number will not be accepted
    •  Photocopy of Confirmed hotel reservation
    - Must be have hotel location address and telephone must be printed on the voucher ( Hotel Dates must shown upon arrival into Thailand, no email booking will be accepted)
    Important: **Please note that the name of the person applying for a visa must appear on the hotel reservation.
    - In case where the accommodation is booked under a different name, a letter (Must be Type) from the person whose name appears on the booking must be provided along with a copy of his/her passport.
    - In case for those staying with friends or relative or family member accommodation in Thailand, Additional documents - an invitation letter from the owner of the accommodation inviting guest name and location address of accommodation with telephone contact, if owner is a Thai national, copy of Thai Identity card and copy of Thai house paper registration. If owner is an expat, copy of passport, copy of Thai work permit and copy of accommodation ownership papers or rental agreement if on rent.
    Important: **Please also note the hotel booking dates must be match your flight booking dates and the period time 3 days at least or half the trip.

    1.3. VISA FEE

    - 130 AED Single Entry /650 AED Multiple Entry
    - Please bring exact amount of money with you. The consulate does not provide any change.
    - Visa fee may be changed without prior notice.


    - The validity of a visa 3 months for Single Entry and 6 months for Multiple Entry


    - Travelers coming to Thailand with this type of visa will be permitted to stay in Thailand for a period not exceeding 60 days.

    Important: ** List of countries require to submit a copy of yellow fever vaccination certificate within 10 years.

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    Important: ** Visa application process for AFGHANISTAN and IRAQ Residents of U.A.E. will take approximately 45 days to get the approve

    General Information(For the another type of visa)

    B - Non-ImmigrationVisa

    C- Transit Visa

    D- Diplomatic Visa

    E- Official Visa

    F - Courtesy Visa

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    -Time for Processing Visa Applications -

    Nationality Type of Visa Time for Processing
    All nationalities except from Iraq, Afghanistan Transit Visa, Tourist Visa, Non-Immigrant Visa 1 Working day        (24 hrs)
    Iraq and Afghanistan Transit Visa, Tourist Visa, Non-Immigrant Visa 30-45 Working days   (6 weeks)
    Visa Fees
    Type of Visa Fee in Dirham, (AED)
    Transit Visa 110.00
    Tourist Single Entry Visa 130.00
    Tourist Multiple Entry Visa 650.00
    Non-Immigrant Single Entry 240.00
    Non-Immigrant Business Multiple Entry 650.00

    Summary of countries entitle for visa exemption and visa on arrival

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    Submit Application/All inquires 9.00 - 12.00 of Sunday to Thursday 

    Collect Passport 14.30 - 15.30 of Sunday to Thursday 

    Please note that the consulate will be closed on official Thai and U.A.E. public holidays

    Questions &Answers on Thai Visa

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    - All required documents must be in English only.

    - The acceptance of your application must be complete and correct, is always at the discretion of the Visa Officer and can request additional documentation when deemed necessary.

    - Documents once submitted shall not be returned to the applicant.

    - Submitting the required documents does not guarantee issuance of a visa. Additionally, the visa does not in itself grant you the right to enter Thailand. The Immigration Bureau of Thailand have the authority to grant or deny admission, if they have sufficient evidence that the foreign persons holding a Thai visa do not intend to enter the country in violation of or with the intention to evade its immigration rules and procedures.

    - In case the visa is refused, the visa fees are not refundable.

    - All visa types are valid from the date of issue and application.

    - Please apply for your online queue appointment at least 10 working days in advance.

    - An applicant can select the online queue appointment dates within the period of 15 days only.

    - Please plan and book your appointment dates carefully and change your flight and hotel bookings accordingly.

    - Receiving a verification key code is only a tentative request to verifying your e-mail and not a confirmed appointment.

    - If you edit or cancel your appointment date,please re-apply only after 48 hours.

    - Possession of a visa alone does not guarantee entry into Thailand.

    - The permission to enter the country depends on the discretion of immigration officers at any immigration checkpoints.

    - Period of stay to be granted are determined by the immigration authorities upon arrival.

    - Every application for a visa will be considered on its own merits.The Royal Thai Consulate-General reserves the rights to reject an application without having to provide a reason.


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    Last Updated : 30/09/2017